UN 3481, Lithium Ion batteries/cells packed with equipment - PI966

Section I


Cells and/or batteries must be completely enclosed in inner packaging then placed in a strong rigid outer packaging; or placed with equipment in a strong rigid outer packaging. The battery/cell must be packed and secured and/or cushioned to prevent any movement in UN certified boxes that meet the packing group II performance standards and are made and tested to transport that specific battery/cell or those specific batteries/cells.
These must be equipped with an effective means of preventing accidental activation.
Maximum number of batteries /cells per package = those necessary to power the equipment plus 2 spares sets. (A set of cells or batteries is the number of individual cells or batteries that are required to power each piece of equipment).

Package test: Packing group II performance standards. UN specification packaging is required.

Passenger aircraft:
Max net. quantity per package: 5 kg.
Cargo aircraft:
Max net. quantity per package : 35 kg.

“The maximum net quantity” is the weight of the batteries/cells inside of 1 package excluding the equipment

  • Shipper's Declaration is required

  • Airwaybill statement

    • "Dangerous Goods as per associated DGD" or "Dangerous goods as per associated Shipper's Declaration" in the box "Handling information".

    • "Dangerous Goods as per associated DGD - CAO" or "Dangerous goods as per associated Shipper's Declaration-CAO" in the box "Handling information". (Only when CAO was chosen)

Labeling and Marking:

Only when CAO used: